Beta Small and Medium Banner

Oh look! It’s a little Beta.

The engineering samples are in, and they’re great! The Small Beta Plug is built from the same formula as the medium for maximum comfort and pleasure, but in a more accessible size. At 1-5/8 inches across at its widest, it’s still on the larger side compared to other small plugs on the market, but with Beta’s gentle curvature and soft material, it will make a great first plug for an eager beginner while remaining uniquely satisfying to intermediate and advanced users as a quick go-to or long-term plug. I’ve been enjoying mine very much since the samples came in a couple of weeks ago.

I will be making one final tweak to the design before it enters production in a week or two. It will go on sale a few weeks after that. I’ll have more details to share soon.

In other news, I’ve added smaller bottles of my favorite lube to the store. Great for trying it out without the commitment of a larger bottle.

— Jim

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