Large Core in Hands

The Long-Awaited Large Core Plug Is Now Available

I was looking for the perfect [plug]. I believe I have found it. The only thing I would suggest is, hopefully a Large to go with the Small and Medium options. —Greg

Even though [the medium Core] is a fairly large toy, I’m looking forward to the next size up! —TG

LOVE IT, but there definitely needs to be a larger version. —Plug user

Well, it’s finally here. A larger version of our Core plug has been our #1 request and almost-daily question since we launched the small size two years ago. And now I am so proud to announce its immediate availability.

Part of the reason why this was so long in the making is that the large size is not simply a scaled-up version of the medium. We went back to the drawing board, and, through several rounds of prototyping, determined the perfect proportions so that it retains the comfort that we’re known for while being even more satisfying.

The large Core plug comes in at about 2-1/8″ across, or about 1/4″ wider than the medium, making it great for advanced users who are looking for a little more stretch and filling feeling, while still being accessible. The surface is a beautiful glossy black that is easy to clean; and, of course, the whole thing is made of a bio-compatible, medical-grade silicone with just the right amount of give.

We’re also re-adding a lube option back to the store. Sliquid Sassy has been our go-to for the past two years due to its silky smooth texture and all-natural formula. Highly recommended.

Enough talk—head on over to the Core page to check all the details, including printable size guides so you can compare the small, medium, and large options and select the right plug for you!

— Jim

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