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This product has been discontinued and replaced by Core.

Beta is our first plug, and we aimed for nothing short of perfection. With its gentle curves and rounded edges, Beta is designed to be comfortable and feel good. It is made from a soft, smooth medical-grade silicone that is bio-compatible and sterilizable.

Beta has a matte surface, which is less easy to clean compared to Core’s high-gloss surface; however, both are equally sterilizable following these instructions.

The medium size is ideal for intermediate and advanced users.

How big is it? Download our printable size guide and find out:

Size Letter A4

Additional information


5 in (12.7 cm)

Insertable Length

3-1/2 in (8.8 cm)

Bulb Diameter

1-7/8 in (4.8 cm)

Neck Diameter

15/16 in (2.4 cm)

Base Dimensions

2-1/4 x 15/16 in (5.8 x 2.4 cm), rounded


5.1 oz (145 g)

19 reviews for Beta Plug

  1. msw (verified owner)

    As a warning; this will be a lengthy, indepth review. I’ve thought a lot about what I was looking for and what I expected from this plug while wearing it. I’ll be comparing it a lot to the Falcon Medium Butt Plug which was my go to daily driver.

    I found out about the Beta Plug while researching butt plugs for long term wear from the website Looked interesting so I ordered one on the day it came out. Fast two-day shipping and it was on my doorstep on Thursday.

    After unpacking it your left with a very well designed and crafted plug. I don’t need to go into the details on design as you can see it. The silicone is top notch with a very small seam up the side. It’s visible to the eye but thin enough that you can’t feel it with your fingertips. It has a hard feeling when squeezed with just the right amount of softness and give. Compared to the falcon it’s a little firmer. However; I’ve had the falcon for over two years.

    Insertion requires a little more pushing and shoving as the head is more bulbous than tipped like the falcon is. Don’t get me wrong though; it’s not hard. I wouldn’t call myself an expert in anal, but slow and steady the beta will slide right into you.

    Once it’s inside you it feels amazing. Wear it for a few hours before making a judgement. I wore mine for 24 hours before putting together this review. The best (and oddly the source one of my cons) is that it doesn’t chafe. Because of the slim base, you don’t get the chafing on your legs when you walk. After a while wearing the falcon I was more aware of the base rubbing the sides of my leg rather than feeling full. It’s amazing that I can wear this for an entire day (literally) and never feel it touch my legs. Walking, sitting and bending over are completely comfortable with no feelings or worries of it popping out. And as designed; I’ve had no worries of it slipping further inside unwanted.

    My only con to the Beta is the flat base. But this is more of a personal viewpoint. I like to wear sexy and cute panties; mainly thongs and g strings. Due to the slim base, my panties would slip to the side of the base. I don’t know how comfortable it would feel over the long term as I only tried it for an hour with each (thong and g string). For the 22 hours I wore it I had on boy shorts as I figured this could be an issue and wanted to be as comfortable as possible. Also, wearing skinny jeans I didn’t notice any extra bulges or hints that I could possibly be wearing a butt plug.

    A small tip I can give you if you buy this; use just enough lube as you need and not more. Since the neck and the base aren’t as large as other plugs, you tend to drip lube a lot more than I’ve noticed with my other plugs. Unfortunately I ended up with a stain on my pants which i had to make sure to hide.

    Those two things aside; this is an absolutely great toy. It fills you up completely (6 inch girth at widest) but isn’t too long to poke you uncomfortably when sitting down. If you check yourself out in the mirror you’ll barely see the bottom of the base popping out between your butt cheeks. It’s fun, easy to clean and leaves you with that naughty sensation of knowing you’re plugged but nobody else does.

    The only thing to improve would be the option of making this out of glass. I love my silicone lube and glass toys are so great for long time play; they just aren’t designed well. Hope you learned something from this and enjoy it if you buy it.

  2. James

    By far the most comfortable plug I have ever used. I can wear it for several day straight with no issues; other plugs definitely start to chafe after long periods of time because the base is some awful gaudy thing that serves no purpose other than to make it look cool or something.

    Cannot recommend it enough.

  3. PV (verified owner)

    I consider myself a newbie to anal play. Prior to buying the Beta, I own many toys but my favorites are the BOSS Silicon Stopper 3 and Doc Johnson UR3-6″. These gave and still give be great anal pleasure. The size (girth) of my BOSS is smaller than my UR3 and the size of my UR3 is slightly smaller than the Beta. I followed the Beta blog and was totally excited to buy it the day it was released. Unfortunately upon first usage, I was disappointed! Not of the product but because I could not get it inserted. I was so used to my favs that the Beta seem too big. I was disappointed for over a week until as of yesterday, I got my first insertion and it was phenomenal! So to all the newbies like me, please be patient, listen to your body and the rewards will come back ten fold. The Beta sets the bar for pleasure, comfort, and quality very high. Very recommended!

  4. Jennifer (verified owner)

    A little background: I’ve been using ass plugs for a long time—-many years. Even though I’m a small woman, I like fairly large plugs. When it’s the right time (based on direction I get from my partner), I will wear one for days or weeks or more at a time. (Currently I’m wearing one every night when I sleep, for the foreseeable future).

    So….I really, really like the Beta Plug Medium. It’s big enough that I know it’s there. It’s easy to get it, and it stays in place. You can absolutely tell that it’s a very high-quality silicone plug. The only downside for me is that I can’t sleep with it in because my asshole (sphincter muscle) pulsates/throbs, and it keeps me awake. So I wear the Beta plug happily during the day.

    Thank you for making such a great ass plug.

  5. RJ (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking for a long term plug for a long time and I’ve finally found one. This first time I used it, I had it in for 11 hours and it felt amazing!! This is BY FAR the most comfortable plug I have ever worn. If you’re looking for a plug that you can wear for hours or even days, this is it. The quality of this product is so much better than any other plug I’ve owed. It’s so great to finally find a plug that was crafted to be worn for long term use and everything about it is PERFECT! Thank you for making such a great product. The only way I’ll ever try something different is if you come out with a larger version. Thanks again and I look forward to seeing what’s next..

  6. TP (verified owner)

    I couldn’t wait for this plug to go public. I ordered it the night it was released and received it very quickly and I had to give it a test run. WOW! Very comfortable to wear. Very filling. I sleep in it. I wear it to work. I wear it as long as I can before a hygiene break is necessary. The only downside for me is that it maintains a distinct odor after use that does not go away after washing. But don’t let that stop you. This plug is A-MA-ZING!!!

  7. bluesandz

    This has got to be the most comfortable plug i have ever used. the silicone has been molded well with no defects. it is firm enough at the bulb and flexible enough at the shaft. putting it in was pleasurable and smooth because of the gradient of the plug.

    special mention for the base of the plug. it is just the right size to keep the plug from sliding in and getting lost. furthermore, when you sit, it does not push the plug deeper in uncomfortably; just enough to feel the penetration but comfortable/bearable for long term wear. unfortunately I too experience the problem of having my thongs and g strings sliding off the side of the plug because of this but it’s a worthwhile trade-off for such comfort. a possible improvement could be to have a shallow groove where the string would sit comfortably on it and hence be held in place.

    I would definitely recommend this to my friends. we need more! glass, sizes, shapes 🙂 keep up the great work! Thank you for a wonderful plug

  8. LC


    I always thought that the plugs I had were good. This one is just better. My usual go-to, a Tantus Neo, has met its match.

    First of all, I’m used to plugs in the sub 1.5″ diameter so I guessed this was going to be a stretch. When I first took it out of its cylindrical tube, I knew it would be. First impressions were that I was unsure about the silicone being used. It is softer than most of my toys with a slight tack that comes along with softer polymers. That proved to not be a problem and even a bit pleasant as it lets you squeeze down on it.

    I’m using Sliquid Organic Gel on it and it doesn’t absorb the lube much (if at all) which lets a little go a long way. That said, since I’m sizing up by half an inch over my last plug, I’ve been quite liberal. The first night, it took me about 45 minutes to get it in place. The second, about half an hour. Last night, only 15 minutes and it was nestled in. For three days, I’ve worn it all day long to work and back and it’s supremely comfortable. This is easily the most comfortable plug I’ve ever worn.

    One previous reviewer commented on how you don’t notice the base – I won’t say you don’t, but you notice it less than any other plug I’ve worn. In addition, the base carries the vibrations of my motorcycle quite well. Nice, but I would like it to have a little more curvature to it instead of being a flat face.. As far as odor goes, I don’t notice a strong odor uptake, unlike my Neo which I have to let sun-dry to remove the scent.

    The plug itself isn’t painful to wear and is just a little secret pleasure all day long. I’m sold.

  9. md (verified owner)

    Amazing product! The quality of design and craftsmanship actually made me think of Apple.. Just the right size, great smooth feel, and the perfect base for long term wear without irritation. The diameter of the bulb is just right in order to provide a full feeling while preventing it from popping out (though definitely suited for the strong intermediate to advanced users).

    I just got mine yesterday and have been wearing continuously for about 30 hours. Took it off for a few hours in the early morning but so far so good. Fantastic feeling while working out at the gym. I even ran on treadmill for over 15 minutes and it stayed in place. Well worth the money and I will definitely get the larger size when available – although I hope they will come out with the exact same size except for the length of the bulb. I would love to own one with the bulb being an inch longer for times when I want a deeper feeling.

    For those of you who have bought and love the product as much as I do – please give them a good review on here as I definitely want this company to stay around. Keep up the great work and thanks for an excellent product!

  10. Victoria S

    First off I have been searching for a comfortable butt plug for long term wear for work. I finally found a review on this Beta plug on plug love. I have had many plugs in the past glass, jewel, and silicon. But by far this is the most comfortable plug I have ever owned. It is vert soft and smooth but very firm but not to firm its just right. The size for me is perfect, its nor to big or to small. It feels amazing once it is inside of you and very
    comfortable for hours of wear. I love this plug its my go to plug now , I wear it all the time to work. I
    recommend buying this plug you can go wrong with it and the price is great too! Thanks for making a comfy butt plug!

  11. Bob G

    I’m done looking for a plug. Period. Took a bit to get it in(1-7/8 is a bit of a stretch) but once in, nothing else will do. Thanks for taking the time to make a product worth the time/money/effort!!!!

  12. drew

    Oh my god this thing is going to make me cum.

  13. RM (verified owner)

    I was surprised with how large it was, it takes a bit more doing to get it in than you would expect from the picture. However, it’s very comfortable once in, and pretty much invisible under any kind of clothing. If there’s anything I would change about it, I’d probably increase the stem thickness a couple 16th’s of an inch and make the base curved simply for looks sake, but these are small nitpicks. I love to wear this plug out to classes or on errands, or just at home when I’m writing or reading a book. Can’t wait to see what other sizes or varieties come out of this site. 🙂

  14. Al (verified owner)

    This plug feels so good once in. When it hits the widest part on the bulb omg what a great feeling it feels great between the cheeks best I v every worn. Thank you

  15. Aaron (verified owner)

    Best plug ever !

  16. Sarge (verified owner)

    I was searching, like many others, for a long term plug, and stumbled across this fantastic thing! It’s the biggest plug I’ve ever gotten all the way in, the first day I had it it took about a half hour to get it in. I even had to use an inflatable to stretch me out a bit, but once it was in…WOW! The first day sitting was slightly uncomfortable, I could feel it pushing deeper and had to take it out after about 2 hrs. But now, its a non-issue. The shape is so comfortable that even that first day I didn’t want to take it out. However, taking it out was a bit of a process as well, it took some time, so to newbies just go slow and use your sphincter muscles to help it out. Others have said they experienced difficulty with wearing thongs. I wear thongs daily and I find it works fine with them, but I use male thongs, my wife isn’t into forced fem. lol. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to experiment with long term butt plug wear, or just looking for a new adventure in the bed room.

  17. Wyatt

    I bought this plug for long term wear as the reviews emphasized it’s comfort. I did find it comfortable enough for long term wear, while also being big enough to not forget it’s there. It felt nice. The only complaint is that it holds on to smells. Boiled it in water, soaked it in bleach water, left it in a ziptop full of baking soda and it still smells like a backside which makes me concerned about the overall safety and quality. I tried wearing it with a condom however that made it no longer comfortable enough for longer wear.

    Response from Implicit Creations: Thanks for the comment. Beta has been replaced by Core. It has a smooth surface finish which makes cleanup easier and less susceptible to hanging on to odors.

  18. Brooke Kaecker

    My asshole begs for it! I literally never want to take it out. Definitely Brooke Kaecker approved. A+++++

  19. Christian

    Amazing product. Made with love in every detail. I’m a proud alpha owner and I use alpha and beta since I got them. Many thanks to Jim 🙂

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